nRF24LU1+ USB Bootloader 




The USB programmer is a Visual C++ 2010 application that can load Intel Hex files and write them to the nRF24LU1+ using the pre-programmed USB bootloader. The USB programmer can optionally protect the USB bootloader from being overwritten and can readback the currently-programmed code and save it as a raw binary file. Note that you must provide some way to run the USB bootloader code on the microcontroller if you want to use the USB bootloader more than once! The source code is available under the BSD 2-Clause license and a compiled version (linked against VC++ 2010) is included. The libusb drivers required to use the USB bootloader are also included, as is an example of how to re-run the USB bootloader. See the "Software" links above for a download link.

Change log


  • Initial release